Business Transformation Implementers

Project Management services to small and medium sized Life Sciences companies

What We Do

We Like a Challenge


We provide experienced Programme and Project Management expertise to lead and deliver:

  1. Fast track, cost critical, system implementations: ERP (SAP), Lab systems, document Management, quality systems, payroll, HCM, IT infrastructure
  2. Complex, multi location system implementations
  3. Manufacturing facility acquisition: transition and integration
  4. Supply Chain, Procurement, HR, Finance and IT Transformation programmes
  5. Programme and project turnaround, recovery or acceleration
  6. Manufacturing capabilities optimisation and rationalisation
  7. Manufacturing facility remediation

Who We Work With


We support small and medium sized Life Sciences companies:

  1. Based in the UK, Europe and the US
  2. Specialist, niche, pharmaceutical manufacturers
  3. Contract manufacturers (CDMO)
  4. Medical device manufacturers
  5. Biotechnology
  6. Start-ups and new ventures
  7. Clients undertaking business expansion or acquisition of new capabilities
  8. Clients undertaking system implementations and business transformation projects and programmes

The Next Step


Our approach is to work with you to define the problem statement and assess what is your need, whether it is implementation schedule and cost sensitivities, transformation complexity, operational constraint, vendor performance etc, we look to see how best we can help.

We develop a tailored proposal that is shaped to your business transformation goals either undertaking:

  1. An advisory role to help you to set up and kick off your programme or project successfully
  2. Short term, hands-on, assignment to turnaround, recover or accelerate your existing programme or project
  3. Dedicated end to end Implementation Programme or Project Manager delivery role


Acquisition Integration - The Journey Ahead

The integration of new capabilities is complex and challenging requiring a robust, structured programme framework, comprehensive planning and strong, decisive Programme Leadership. 

Project Management Services


System Implementation: ERP, Lab Systems, Document Management, Quality Systems, Payroll, HCM, IT Infrastructure

  1. System Implementation Strategy
  2. System Implementation Detailed Planning
  3. System Implementation Project Management
  4. System Cutover, Go-live, Transition to Normal Operations, Strategy and Planning 
  5. System Integrator (SI) and Software Vendor Assessment and Management
  6. Implementation Turnaround and Recovery
  7. Programme and Portfolio Management Office (PMO)
  8. Risk Assessment and Assurance


Mergers and Acquisitions

  1. Post Deal Transition and Integration Strategy
  2. Post Deal Transition and Integration Detailed Planning
  3. Acquisition Transition and Integration Project Management
  4. Transitional Service Agreement (TSA) Development
  5. System Implementation Project Management
  6. Programme and Portfolio Management Office (PMO)
  7. Risk Assessment and Assurance


Business Transformation: Supply Chain, Procurement, Finance, HR, IT

  1. Business Transformation Implementation Strategy
  2. Business Transformation Implementation Detailed Planning
  3. Business Transformation Implementation Project Management 
  4. System Integrator (SI) and Software Vendor Assessment and Management
  5. Programme and Portfolio Management Office (PMO)
  6. Risk Assessment and Assurance

Case Study 1 - Site Integration without a TSA

Case study for the acquisition and integration of a manufacturing site without a Transitional Service Agreement (TSA), requiring implementation of key systems: SAP, Payroll, IT Infrastructure, within a compressed time window.

Case Study 2 - Rapid SAP Implementation

Case study for the rapid implementation of SAP into a start-up contract manufacturer's (CDMO) acquisition sites in Europe and the US.